Ticket to Europe for One, Please

July 14th, 2013

This morning I got up semi-early and went to a bakery with mom and dad. It was very cute. It had a modern Parisian feel to it, which I definitely enjoyed. While we were there we ran into Andrea, my cousin’s future sister-in-law. We’ve only met her a few times, but she’s super friendly and really cool. She’s a movie producer. I actually went to one of her premiers a few years ago and got to meet the star of BoyBand!


Mom, Dad, Andrea, Me (in the aforementioned horrible staff t-shirt)

We picked up some scrumptious goodies before we left:


After breakfast I had to go to work. On my way in I spotted an adorable scooter that made me wish I was in Italy (which I may be going to in January!!!).


It was a really hot day at work and I kept messing up people’s orders, and knocking over cups of water, and dropping things: like this pile of forty forks…


The afternoon was bad, but the morning was pretty great, so I’d say this day tipped in favor of a good one! : )

Have a lovely day everyone!


Mermaids, Tacos, and Frogs

July 13, 2013

Work was fun today. I closed with Hannah and Sienna, so we were just talking about random stuff, like if people were to one day evolve and be able to sleep in the water, how weird it would be to just see a bunch of people sleeping in the lake. Also, how do mermaids reproduce? Answer: they are able to switch genders and self reproduce (via Sienna).

I also got a pretty nice picture of the lifeguard stand:


Gotta love Instagram filters : )

After work I went out with Meg, Bryan, and Zach to Mission Cantina. I got the fish tacos and boy, were they delicious!!!! So much better than the beef ones I got last time. We had to wait for our table for about twenty minutes, so they brought us chips and salsa…which they then charged us for. We got it taken off the bill. We saw our English teacher from high school, Mrs.Waldron. It was nice to see her. She and her husband were very friendly.

I dropped off the keys at the police station and there were roughly ten plus frogs outside of the door. One of them followed me in and I scooped it up while I was waiting for them to buzz me into the office. I brought the frog outside and I was about to put it down when it decided to jump off and land on it’s back. It was a long fall for a frog. It was fine though.

Mom and I just finished watching Bachelorette with Kirsten Dunst, Rebel Wilson, Lizzy Caplan, and Isla Fisher. It was pretty good. I wish the ending hadn’t wrapped up so quickly. I did like how the characters developed and became more likable as the movie went on. That guy’s speech at the end was gross and out of character.

As for my outfit, it was pretty lackluster since I only changed my shirt after work:


My shirt is from Marshalls and my shorts are from American Eagle.

I like that they’re kind of high waisted, and that the inseam is slightly longer than most of their shorts. The sides are cut higher, which is supposed to make your legs look longer. The sneakers are Converse.

I had an all around good day and I hope you did too!


Pleasant Surpises

July 12th, 2013
Yesterday Meg surprised me at work with a bag of goodies! It was so sweet of her and it really made my day!

She got me the Carmex Moisture Plus in pink. I really like it! It feels good, it smells minty (a lot like the Blistex DCT- the peach colored one) and it has a nice pink sheen to it. Just a little bit of color, good for everyday.

When I got out of work we did a little shopping. I returned some things and bought a few bathroom decorations. I really want to paint my bathroom, but I don’t have a day off until next Friday. I feel like it’s going to be a tough job. Painting around a toilet and a shower doesn’t seem like the easiest thing. I’m trying to decide if I want to keep the mirror that is in there now, or put up a pretty one. I have one that used to be in my bedroom that I could use.
We got dinner at White Hut. It was my first time going there and it was really good! We both got a cheeseburger and fries and it was fast and inexpensive. I will definitely go back.
After that we went back to Meg’s house and she had some rec people over. We played a game where everyone writes down a bunch of people/things/phrases. The first round is like catchphrase where you describe the person. After each round you put the names back in. The second round is charades, and the third round you describe the person in one word. It was really fun. You have a minute each round, so you can’t do all of them at once. My team lost, but only by a little.
Then I went home and I was too tired to blog, so I’m going it now.

My outfit:

The pants are the same Lucky Brand ones from my post yesterday, and my shirt is from American Eagle.
I hope you all had a great day!


The Early Bird Gets The Sale

July 11th, 2013

I just had to correct myself for writing June. I don’t know how many times I have messed up the date in the past few weeks: day, month, even year, it’s all fair game. I almost wrote 2010 this morning. What???

Anyway, I had a doctors appointment at 8am to day, so it was a very early morning for me and mom. I really liked my doctor. We were joking around and she made me very comfortable. I feel like having a doctor you’re comfortable with makes everything so much better. And she didn’t say anything about my weight gain. I hate when doctors scold you for not eating great or exercising, like, I know I’m supposed to do those things, I’m just being lazy. But she was very cool about everything. Even when I brought it up she didn’t act like it way any big deal.

We got breakfast at the Cracker Barrel. It was actually pretty good, I had been there once before and I did not like it. I only ate like half of my meal because sausage never settles well in my stomach, but it tasted mighty fine (is the southern rubbing off?). I did not like the grits, though. They have a weird texture.

After breakfast we went to the mall and I found a really cute bathing suit at Macy’s.


The top is by Hobie and the bottom is by Hula Honey. The bottoms are kind of high waisted. They hit just below my belly button, which I really like. I normally only wear one pieces because I don’t like my stomach. Also, in the store I swear they were the same color and now that I have them home the bottoms look much more purple. I’ll have to look at them in the sunlight tomorrow.

After breakfast I dropped my mom off at the Soldier’s Home so she could see my grandpa and I went to work. After work I got a haircut at Great Clips. The girl that did my hair was really nice, and she did a good job. She made sure that I was comfortable with the length of the initial cut and the layers before she but anything off. I only got a trim, but it was pretty overdue. It was closing in on a year since I last cut my hair.

I got called to cover tomorrow at the beach on my day off, which sucks, but at it’s the opening shift so I’m done at 3:30. I’m going to try and sort out my banking debacle after work. I still can’t access my money or use my ATM card. Super annoying.

I did get to wear a nice outfit today! I was actually wearing two dresses layered thing morning (the one I’m wearing plus the one hanging up, which is from Free People), but it felt a little dowdy, so I switched before I went to work.


My dress is an old one from American Eagle similar here, here, and here.

My crop top is from Mod Cloth.

And as for my lazy, get-home-and-immediately-put-on-pajamas outfit:


My pants were part of my Macy’s buy this morning. They’re by Lucky Brand and they are super soft, and they had a raw hem, so even though they were way too long, I just chopped them off. BTW, they were cheaper in the store, so if you want to buy them maybe try to check in store first. I think they had them in purple and brown in the store. They definitely had skirts in purple and brown made of the same fabric. They run REALLY BIG, I got an xs/s and I’m usually an 8 in pants, so size down.

My shirt is from Forever 21. It is also really soft. It literally bought it because it was so soft. Online it says the shirt if blue, but it is definitely grey.

I hope you all had a wonderful day!



July 10th, 2013
Today was a lot of fun. I had work in the office this morning. I told my boss, Rob, that I would like to manage the beach next summer, but that I will be applying for the TJX internship and that if I get it, I would not turn it down. He was fine with it. He said he hopes I get the internship. I hope I do too.

After work I had some returns to make and I shopped in the mall for a little bit before I met up with the girls.

We went to Red Robbin. It was me, Rachel, Laura, and Cara. We had a lot if laughs. They were talking about their coworker who has really poor English. She was telling a story about her friend’s hot rub being opened for the season and having a bunch of “mouses” in it. In the filter, in the water. They corrected her and told her it was mice, so she responded “Mices. Yeah, whatever”. Lol

Laura, Rachel, Me, Cara

Now I am home and going to bed. I have to get up at like six a.m. tomorrow for my doctors appointment. Horrible! I really wish I didn’t schedule it so early.

In better news, I finally have a decent outfit to post:

Tank top: Old Navy
Skirt: Alberto Makali from Nordstrom Rack

Life’s A Beach

July 9th, 2013

Today was my last day at the beach for the week! Woo Hoo! Back to normal clothes tomorrow! That is seriously my least favorite thing about working at the beach, not being in the heat or cleaning bathrooms or taking out the trash or emptying buckets of goose poop, but the fact that in order to do those things and to also look semi-professional, I must wear a god forsaken Staff t-shirt.

In reality the shirts aren’t bad. They’re a nice shade of turquoise. I just always feel a real lack of individuality and style, which is kind of the point of a uniform. And they are so hard to style. I like color, but I’m really more of  neutral/muted color palette kinda girl. I appreciate bright colors, I just don’t like them on my body.

But tomorrow I get to wear real clothes!!! And I’m going out to dinner with my best friend Rachel and her sister Laura after I get out of work in the rec office.

So, in lieu of an OOTD today, I went with a nice vintage lifeguard stand print. You can buy it on etsy if it strikes your fancy. The beach I work at looks nothing like that, but I can pretend that it does. Also, just in case this isn’t confusing enough, I do not work at an actual beach like the ocean. It’s just a sandy lake that we call a beach.

Anyway, I hope you all have a great day!


Ponchos A-Go-Go

July 8th, 2013

It rained again today, but there wasn’t any thunder or lightening, so we didn’t close the beach. The rain did clear a good amount of people out though. And it made it less humid and hot which was really nice!

Anyway, I was working with Rachael and we thought we were going to close, so we decided to do the trash a little early. It was raining pretty hard, so we put on some lovely trash bag ponchos!


The funny thing was, that even the trash bag was too log for me, so I had to knot the ties together at the bottom. Talk about a great OOTD! : )

After work I met up with Seth, Meg, and Bryan at trivia. The categories were really hard this week! Pro wrestling, spy movies, cars: All things I know nothing about. I think we came in last. The other teams were laughing at us. There was a friendly rivalry between us and the only other non-middle aged team.

Now Seth and I just finished watching Freaks and Geeks. Like probably everyone else who has watched it, I wish there was more. I haven’t actually seen all the episodes because Seth was watching without me, so I just jumped in where he was watching. So there is more that I haven’t seen, but I did see the last episode if you know what I’m saying. All of the “geeks” were hilarious. It’s crazy how so many people in the show went on to be so famous.

Anyway, I think I’m going to bed now. And by bed I mean going to look at Pinterest for half an hour or so before peeing three times and eventually falling asleep.


We All Float On

July 7th, 2013

There were thunder storms today which meant that I got out of work early! It was a great treat since I’m getting a bit burned out after six years working the same summer job. I work at a lake in a concession stand, which is great, but also getting kind of old. And the heat certainly is not helping.

After work my family took literally four hours deciding what to do. Finding something that would please all four of us is no easy task. We eventually decided on ice cream and Taco Bell.

I got a root beer float, and although the girl making it was very nice, her float technique was horrible. She put the soda in first, then put the ice cream hanging over the side, half in the cup half out. It was a mess. It tasted good, though.

Taco Bell was also weird. The beef in my tacos was mushy and my limeaid sparkler was horrible. I dumped it out and got baja Mountain Dew, which is always good. Then Seth ate all of my nacho cheese and I threatened to kill him- it’s been a very hormonal day.

Also out A/C died, and the windshield fogged up.

It really wasn’t as bad as it sounds. Dad kept talking about his brilliant idea for a nacho restaurant and Seth kept talking about bit chips. And I drove so we got to listen to The Shins and Death Cab on the ride home!

Tonight Meg came over. She, my mom, and I painted wine glasses. It was really fun and relaxing! It was nice to chat and laugh for a few hours. None of the glasses were masterpieces, but we all enjoyed making them!

Mine, Meg’s, mom’s
As Seth said, mine lacked any ambition, Meg’s had too much ambition and failed, and my moms looked good but was actually bad. Isn’t he a peach?


The Look On Less

July 5th, 2013

So, I’ve decided to start a… fashion diary we’ll call it.

I’ve been wanting to keep up with my journal, but I wind up on my computer every night, and I’ve always loved fashion blogs, so why not combine the two!?

So basically, I’ll just write about my day, my outfit, and my general shopping addiction.

Today mom, dad, and I met Seth (my brother) for lunch. Dad has a bajillion dollars in REI rewards, so he wanted to do a little shopping and get out of the house. I tried on a few fuzzy zip-up jackets. In one of them I looked like a polar bear, and the other one a “poop bear” (it was a bad color). Needless to say I did not get either.

When we were done in REI we wanted to get lunch. After much deliberation (seriously, it took us about ten minutes to pick the first place, which we vetoed because their A/C was on the fritz) we eventually wound up at John Harvard’s. It’s a pub with an old-fashioned colonial theme. It was so/so.

The nachos were really good, and so was the complementary bread, but nothing else was worth writing home about. I ordered shrimp, thinking it would be regular fried shrimp, but it was actually Asian shrimp tempura. I don’t think there was anything inherently bad with it, just that it was neither what I was expecting, nor what I wanted.

When I got home I just watched some youtube videos and shopped online. I’m trying to decide if I want to get the Liebeskind NYC bag from Urban Outfitters. It’s on sale now, and it caught my eye a few months ago. American Eagle is doing one of their 40% off everything sales, so I’m going to pick up a pair of rose gold tassel sandals. Although I’m a size four in shoes, their size fives generally fit me.

As for my outfit, today I wore:




Black Patterned Maxi Skirt from Old Navy (which is about the most comfortable thing ever. I may have also worn it yesterday ; )

Grey Tank Top, also from Old Navy (also super comfortable)

Brown Wedges by Crocs similar here (yet again, very comfortable. I’m all about comfort when it’s ninety degrees out)

A tip: Crocs is one of the few mainstream companies that makes women’s shoes in size four and below. I got these at Marshalls a few years ago for $20. What a steal! I love them, and they look nothing like the traditional crocs. They have almost all the comfort with a big upgrade on style!

Dad also tried on a great hat at REI. I think he’s finally found one that looks good on his tiny head!



I hope you all had a great day!