Being Cool in The Cold


Sweater: H&M | Boots: Lucky Brand

It was cold AF today, but we (my dad and I) still managed to get some sweeet shots.
I got the boots and sweater from my lovely parents for Christmas.
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Mine was great! We spent the day relaxing and enjoying each others company. At night we went to our neighbor’s house for our traditional game night. It was hilarious, as always.

This Christmas season has been especially creative for me. I’ve been embroidering, painting, and I even got my first 35mm film camera, the Pentax K1000! Today I developed my first roll of film. It was a stressful and terrifying experience due to my fear of the dark, but I managed to get a handful of good shots out of it!
It was a really rewarding process and I definitely want to keep experimenting with it.

These are some of my favorite frames from the roll. I was most excited about the cows, so I was really happy when I saw that they came out alright!

Have you tried anything new lately? Or are you planning on picking up a new hobby in 2018? Let me know in the comments!



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