The House of The Rising Sun


Hey guys!

This shoot is from last month. I literally don’t know what I have been doing with my time. Like, I think I’ve been being productive but I don’t know for sure?
It’s weird not having a set work schedule anymore. I wake up late and don’t usually start working until the afternoon, which feels like a lazy person move, but then I wind up working until like 11 or 12.
So, I guess I’ve been doing stuff? I covered my first three weddings and edited each of them in a week, so that felt good. I finally got my wedding page and pricing done and created a pretty wedding guide pdf. That felt like a big accomplishment!
Since then, I’ve been working on a fun styled wedding shoot that I’m organizing. I’ve also been trying to create a lot of marketing materials.

I just finished this video today. It’s ridiculous, but fitting.

I’ve been trying to balance working and also having a life. Which isn’t that difficult because most of my friends are in eastern mass, so I don’t have a ton of people to hang out with. It has been nice being with my family again. Seth and I went rock climbing last night and then out for drinks. I tried to order my favorite go-to beer at the local bar and they don’t make it anymore, which is a real bummer.
But after that we went to UMass and snuck into Greeno sub shop, it was fun and delicious.

I got this dress a while ago for $12 at TJMaxx, which is crazy because it’s Free People! Also, I wore hair extensions here for the first time ever. I bought them last winter, but they wound up being only a few inches longer than my natural hair, so I didn’t really see the point.
For this look, I wound up clipping them halfway down my hair because sometimes you gotta make it work.

I mean, is this even a fashion blog anymore? Was it ever?
I’m just going to let it flow and see what happens!



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