A Changing of Doors


Hey friends!
There are some exciting things happening around here.
First, I put in my notice at my job! I will be leaving to pursue photography and videography and Kelsey Haley Media! I am so happy to be going after my dreams. I’ll be moving home and increasing my hours at my part time job to pull it off, but I honestly think it’s the right choice. I love my part time job and can still learn so much there. It’s always good to have more than one thing going on. Especially when you’re working for yourself, I think it’s great to have something on the side. It will get me out of the house and allow me to interact with people and still have coworkers that I love.
As for moving home, I’ll miss my apartment and my friends, but I’m happy to be closer with my parents. I go home almost every weekend to see them, so it will be nice to have them right there! I’m not going that far, so I’ll still be able to see my friends in this area.

Starting my own business has been such a cool process. I love being able to make my own decisions and create my own content. It’s boosted my confidence a lot. Seeing how much I’m capable of creating at my full time job has made me realize how much I could be putting into myself. I know that it won’t all be easy, buy it will definitely be worth it!

Another exciting thing, my brother Seth took all these pictures! I’ve been planning on training him to help me out on shoots. He doesn’t know how to control the camera settings yet, but he is a natural at framing and coming up with shots! I love these pictures so much, I almost wish I wasn’t in them so I could share them more! Does that make sense?
We had a ton of fun at this golf course. It’s not done being built, so we were able to run up to the top of the construction site and get these awesome photos overlooking the Holyoke Range. The light and flowers were so perfect.
Since this is still partially a fashion blog, my shorts are from Gap. Everything else is old and boring.

If you guys have any small business/creative Podcasts you love, let me know! Podcasts are one of my biggest sources of inspiration and motivation, so I’m always looking for more content!

And, if anyone would like to book a shoot, email me at kelseyhaleymedia@gmail.com!




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