Abandoned Building



I’ve officially given up on posting expecting anything more than once post a month on here, but that is fine by me! I’ve been posting weekly on the Kelsey Haley Media blog, so if you want to see what I’m up to, you can catch me over there!

I had my brother take these pictures of me. Seth is training to be my second shooter for weddings, and this was his first shoot. It think he did a great job!
He doesn’t know how to set up the camera yet, so this was more about framing. He’s a natural! Annd, now it’s creeping me this out to be this nice about him. LOL

Here’s a litte video showing how I edited them. I love watching things in fast motion. For a while I was watching hours of time lapse drawing videos on YouTube. I find them so relaxing.

If you’re wondering where this outfit is from, it’s all old and mostly from Marshalls. I pretty much spend all my money on camera equipment and other business expenses, so my wardrobe is not as up to date as it used to be.




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