Who Needs Fingers?



Today was a snow day, a blizzard to be exact, so of course I took the opportunity to go outside and have a mini-photoshoot. This will go up next week, once I have regained feeling in my hands and hopefully all the snow is gone.
The shoot itself lasted maybe two minutes. My camera was covered in snow almost immediately, and so was I. My hair was soaked, my fingers were numb, and my neighbors were giving me weird looks, but it was worth it to get the shot!
I really want to be better about shooting more often. I’ve started using my old Nikon to take my outfit photos again and I still love it. I can see a difference in the quality, but it’s not terrible.
I want to get faster at editing without using presets, so my blog is the perfect place to experiment!

What did you do during the snow day?



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