Someday Sunday


Jacket: UO | Blouse: Lucky Brand | Jeans: H&M (old)

Hi Friends!

These pictures are from last month, when we had that weird 70 degree weekend.
I took a half day from work that Friday and drove down to Newport, RI with some friends.

Oh, boy was it fun! Seriously, having warm weather and doing something out of the ordinary makes life 100x better. We walked around the sea port and then walked the mile and a half to The Breakers mansion. It was so cool.
We didn’t go inside, but we walked around the cliffs and took in the view and the sunshine.

I loved every second of that day. It has me dreaming of warm weather and time off. It’s been snowing all day, so I’ll have to wait a little longer for that. I never trust March, but I have high hopes for April.

This summer, I want to go to Quebec City and at some point I really want to do a road trip from Seattle to San Francisco. I need to start saving up money now so that it really happens. Hopefully putting it out to the world here will keep me accountable.

What’s on your travel list this summer?



PS: These pants are so unflattering, I may never wear them again. Apparently wide leg is not for me.


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