Daydream Believer


Sweater: LuLaRoe Bridget Tucker | Top: Lucky Brand | Boots: Sorel


It’s good to be back! I’ve been in a whirlwind the last few weeks. From doctor visits, to photography, to rock climbing, I’ve been a mixture of busy and exhausted.
I am happy to say that my Kelsey Haley Media has picked back up after a mid-winter slump. I’ve been working on some exciting shoots. It’s been really nice to get outside again and take some pictures.
I did a really fun shoot with some of the girls at work in conjunction with our Wedding Week Event.

They’re some of my most favorite pictures I’ve taken. It’s reassuring to have new favorites. Sometimes it feels like things aren’t going to go  You can view the rest of the set on my website.

This long weekend we were blessed with temps in the 50’s, which was such a treat!
It has me itching for warm weather and has my eyes drifting over to the Spell & Gypsy website.

I feel like I had more planned out to write, but now that I’m sitting down to it, I’m coming up blank.

Meh, hopefully the next post will be more eloquent!



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