The Falls


Jacket: Blank NYC | Dress: Zara | Hat: H&M | Boots: Jeffrey Campbell


This is a fun post today! This Saturday was very eventful for me.

I spent the afternoon hanging out with my parents. We went to lunch at a really cute bakery that had nice outdoor seating. The fall weather is finally in effect, so it was actually a little chilly, which we were not upset about!

After lunch we went to Barre Falls Dam. It has a disc golf course, and some pretty fields and woods, which is where these outfit shots were taken. I’m so happy with how they turned out. Props to my dad for putting up with all my directions, as always! Thanks, padre.

After that we went to Stone Cow Brewery. I had been saying that morning that I wanted to go to a cool barn that served food. It was a vague request that wound up coming true when we discovered that this ice cream stand had added a barn brewery!

It was a really pretty old barn that had vases of flowers scattered all around. I think the structure of the barn is over 200 years old.


The beer was not my style, but I did enjoy the cheese slate!

After that I wound up going back to Boston and having a girls night out. We took on the town and ended the night with 5 Guys Burgers & Fries! Yummm.



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