A Cool Summer Breeze





Top: H&M | Skirt: F21 | Clogs: Lotta From Stockholm


I’m finally back at the sweet concrete wall! This is behind my building, but is normally blocked by a car. I love the texture and neutral background it gives pictures, so I was psyched when I walked down and saw it uncovered.

I’ve realized that I almost never talk about what I’m actually wearing in my posts anymore. So, I’ll tell you a bit about this outfit. I just got this skirt from Forever 21 after watching and waiting since September. I snatched it up during their friends and family sale at 21% off. A real suede skirt for $30 is a bargain in my book.

The rest of the outfit is fairly unexciting. I wore this to dinner at my friend Sarah’s house today. She has a huge Irish family, so they all pile in her house and have a small feast every other Sunday. I had a great time eating wonderful food and being surrounded by so many fun people.

This was an overall great weekend. Last night I went to a Zella Day concert at The Sinclair with my friend Ali. The show was amazing. I loved the small venue and Zella herself was such a great performer. She went all out the entire time, singing, dancing, playing the tambourine, holding fan’s hands.

We were up on the balcony, which I really appreciated, because, as a short person, I can never see at standing concerts.


After the show we went to an apartment that my friend Marlena was house sitting in downtown Boston. This apartment was amazing. It had a marble fireplace, a spiral staircase, and (the kicker) exclusive access to the roof deck.
It. was. so. cool.
You could see the Citgo sign by Fenway and the Prudential Center.

It’s tiring being so glamorous.
Time to go to bed.


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