3 Years?

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Denim Shirt: Banana Republic | Shirt: LuLaRoe | Sneakers: Frye | Necklace: F21

I’ve just been alerted by WordPress that my blog has been active for three years!
I had no idea I was coming up on this anniversary.
While this little blog has remained pretty little, it has certainly led me to many amazing things. I’ve gotten my two current jobs from it, I’ve begun doing freelance work, I used it in multiple school projects, and I found my love for photography and videography.

I’ve been able to document a very crucial part of my life. This blog has now encapsulated ages 20-23 for me. There have been so many wonderful changes in the past few years that sometimes my brain has trouble catching up.
I’m sitting here typing this in my own apartment, something I thought I would not have been able to handle three years ago.
I’m in a job I didn’t imagine existed, and I’ve taken up new hobbies I never thought I could do.

So, here’s to the past, the present, and the future. And at least three more years here!




7 thoughts on “3 Years?

  1. Happy Blog-iversary! This post is so inspirational – I love that this little corner on the internet has taken you to places you hadn’t imagined! Motivation for us all to keep going 🙂 Oh, and love the outfit!

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