That Homer GIF…

Shirt: Marshalls similar at Amazon | Jeans: Denim & Supply via TJ Maxx | Sneakers: Frye

Essentially what I’m doing here.


This was a great weekend! I spent Friday shooting a lookbook for my cousin Bridget’s new LuLaRoe shop. We rounded up a bunch of family and friends and had a grand old time taking pictures, spinning in circles, and waving our LuLaRoe-clad legs around in the air (well, not me since I was videoing, but I still got to enjoy it).

The lookbook video should be up in a few weeks. It will depend upon whenever Bridget gets her inventory.

Saturday was spend rescuing my computer. It’s been dreadfully slow lately and I was afraid it had kicked the bucket. On Saturday I bought some extra RAM and my dad helped me do some diagnostic tests and we were able to get it back and running better than ever!

I’m actually typing this on my computer for the first time in ages. It had been so slow that I was doing all of my blogging on my phone. It’s not the best way to blog. This is much better.

Today was spent working on the lookbook and then having a delicious Father’s Day dinner.

So, happy Father’s Day, dad! I love you to the moon and back.


Now it’s time for me to head to bed.



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