Video: Sunday

This video is a little addition to last week’s post.

This weekend was also full of fun. Friday night I went out for dinner and drinks with Sarah and Marlena and their friend Elvis. I had a couple yummy but also gross mango mai tais. Basically the mango part was yummy and the alcohol part was gross.

   The Saturday my friend Abbie came out and we explored Harvard Square. We got awesome burritos and cupcakes and then went in a bunch of shops. I got the Anthropologie volcano candle that I’ve been hemming and hawing about for roughly two years. It is wonderful.

Saturday night Abbie and I stayed in and watched a never ending string of Try Guys videos while eating ice cream.

Then today my friend Ali came out and we went thrift shopping. I found an awesome lomo style camera that probably doesn’t work, but looks pretty cool anyway. We got more Mexican food, which I was not upset about. I could eat Mexican for pretty much every meal and be happy.

Now it’s time for me to hit the hay!



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