Edge of Desire

 Dress & Necklace: Crompton Collective | Leather Sneakers: Frye

Last Sunday I went exploring with my friend Meg. She gets the photo credit for these awesome snaps. We got sandwiches and had a little picnic on this amazing peninsula that overlooks the city. The weather was perfect, not too chilly. It was a little overcast, but I liked the mood it gave.

It’s hard to tell in the pictures, but the ledge we were on was about thirty feet above the shore. The water stretched out farther beyond, but it almost looks like we were right next to it.

  We chatted and met a dog named Seamus and his very Irish owners.
We had a great time and it reminded me how much I like finding new places. I often get into a routine where I do the same things and go to the same spots and get there the same way, but when I try something new I’m usually pleasantly surprised.
There’s something about a new experience that makes you feel like you’re living life and taking advantage of the time you have.

Here’s to doing that more!



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