Video: Get Ready With Me

Top: AE (similar) | Skirt: F21, similar at Asos | Shoes: Target, similar at Asos


I’ve officially done my first Get Ready Me Video. Given my lack of makeup skills, I didn’t know if this would ever happen, but I got inspired one morning and went for it.

I’ve definitely been getting more into videos now that I work on them so frequently at my job. I really love the process of filming and editing. I just wish I had other people to film! I do plan on doing some more lookbooks in the future, with models.

Now it’s time to enjoy my Galentine’s Day and watch a funny movie!



5 thoughts on “Video: Get Ready With Me

    • Thanks, dude! I’m definitely trying to be more conscious of how I frame my shots. It’s a lot of fun!
      Maybe you should try video. I feel like a lot of your opinion pieces would benefit from hearing you talk about them passionately. Or a podcast! I’ve just discovered them and now I can stop listening.

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