Washed Out

 DSC_1440 (1)

Dress: Anthro similar at FP | Jacket: Marshalls (old) | Hat: H&M (similar)

I tried to get some quality shots today, but that mirror picture is truly better than anything I took on my DSLR, so I went with it.
It’s a fun pose I like to call “snazzy snap”…

Anyway, today was pretty good. I had a fun meeting at work, I went to Anthropologie (obviously), I had Qdoba for dinner (yummm), and I watched a movie that I really enjoyed called About Alex (it’s on Netflix. It’s got Aubrey Plaza and Schmidt from New Girl, so what more convincing do you need?).

I think I’m going to go to bed now.



Side note: Semi-considering applying for that seasonal position an Anthro just so that I can get a sweet discount and smell all the candles. Except I still have nightmares about working retail, so…

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