Innovation is When…


Dress/Kimono: Forever 21 | Shoes: American Eagle

…you can’t afford to buy new clothes, so you have to start wearing your old clothes in weird ways.
I belted this floral kimono and, voila, it’s a dress! I actually got a lot of complements on this outfit when I was at work and from strangers at the mall. No one knew it was just a kimono! There’s some Tom foolery for ya.

This has been a busy week. At the end of August I was lucky enough to shoot my cousin’s engagement pictures, so I’ve been editing those the past two weeks. I am seriously so honored that they ask me. Keep your eyes peeled, I may share a few on Instagram!
I was also a day off for most of the week, so I missed my Wednesday post because I thought it was Tuesday. Such is the life of an absentminded person like myself.

I should be back on track next week. I’ve got a few ootds lined up that just need to be edited.



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