An Interlude

Have you ever had one of those moments when a song comes on and suddenly it’s like life is a dream? The music carries you away and, although you know it will only last for those fleeting moments, you let it sway you with the wind.

Let me set the scene:
Last night I was driving down the highway on my way home. I had the windows down. The air had finally cooled after being muggy and oppressive all week.
The sun was setting but instead of a golden light, it was bright and cool.
Transatlanticism” by Death Cab for Cutie came on and suddenly everything felt surreal. The light, the music, the wind blowing through my hair; it was perfect.
For those seven minutes everything was greater than what it was. It wasn’t even that the lyrics were especially applicable to my life or thoughts, it was just that perfect harmony of music and setting.
As the song crescendoed and came to an end, I took my exit and went home.

I think it’s important to realize these moments when they happen, and appreciate them. It’s like a small interlude from real life, a time where everything is sunny, where your life has a soundtrack, where everything works out in the end.

Until next time—


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