Get The Look: Wildest Dreams Music Video

Hi guys!

Taylor Swift came out with another awesome video, so I obviously had to do a Get The Look for it. Wildest Dreams is one of my favorite songs on 1989. It plays into the storyline aspect that I love in her music.
All of the outfits in the video were perfectly chosen and so flattering. It has a really great 1950’s styling that works so well with the setting and plot.
If you haven’t seen the video yet, check it out here!

Without further ado, here is the Wildest Dreams Get The Look!


Safari OutfitWildest Dreams safari outfitBlouse: Asos | Pants: Asos
This look is so wearable. This would be perfect for work if you tucked the shirt in instead of tying it.

Blue Floral Sundress

Wildest Dreams blue sundress dress
Blue Floral Dress: Etsy
This dress is a little different, but has the same feeling as the video one. They’re both beautiful. I actually like the print on the Etsy one better.

Polka Dot Scarf & Cateye Sunglasses

Wildest Dreams cateye sunglasses polka dot scarfSunglasses: Amazon | Scarf: Amazon
This is such a classic look. I think you can be pretty sure that cateyes and polka dots will “never go out of style”.

Blue Matching Set

Wildest Dreams blue outfitTop: Nordstrom | Pants: Nordstrom
I love this look for work. It’s cute but polished, and the pastel blue monochrome makes it modern.

Gingham Playsuit/Romper

Wildest Dreams gingham playsuit matching setRomper: Etsy
I decided to go with a more wearable version of this outfit, because that is basically a bathing suit.

Pink Jacquard Evening Dress

Wildest Dreams pink dressDress: Unique Vintage
This dress is so gorgeous and the Unique Vintage on has the perfect neckline. I actually like the bottom on the UV one more. I’d always choose a swishy skirt over a tight one.

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