Hello, There


Shirt: Marshalls, similar on Etsy | Skirt: Gap | Shoes: Macy’s, similar on Amazon

Hi guys!

I was going to start this post by quoting my favorite middle school band, Motion City Soundtrack’s, song “Where I Belong” which opens with the stanza:
“Hello, there. / How ya’ doin’? / I’ve got all these thoughts / just running through my brain”
But the more I looked at these pictures as I edited them, the more the background began to remind me of Hogwarts.
So I guess I decided to compromise and do both.

This might be my favorite work outfit yet. I mean, I would wear this any day of the week, really. I’ve been wanting a pretty phrase t-shirt for ages, ideally something in French because that obviously makes it better, but haven’t found one I like yet.
I spotted this over the weekend on sale at Marshalls and decided it fit the look I wanted. I love the brushstroke font and watercolor print. And I like that it’s not a stupid phrase. Really, it’s just friendly.

I just got this skirt over the weekend too, and I think it’s going to be my new favorite. The pleating is so perfect. If it wasn’t sewn down for the first few inches, it would be so unflattering, but it flairs out at just the right point.

And now, I need to go to bed!

See you all soon!


3 thoughts on “Hello, There

  1. Dude you just inspired my fall wardrobe.
    A-line high waist midis and fun shirts.

    Seriously since I changed jobs, things have gotten a LOT more chill in the work wardrobe and like I’m a hot mess at work.
    I’ve been struggling to find a new ‘work look’ and honeeeyyyyyyy – you DID that!
    Thanks boo ❤

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