Exploring Downtown Boston

Hi everybody!

It’s so good to be back here again! I’ve been getting into the swing of working life and have been able to do some really interesting and fun things at my job.
I went to a conference last Thursday that focused on mobile marketing. There were some really wonderful speakers that talked about site optimization, the importance of being user friendly, and making sure customers are always treated well.

I was also able to explore Boston a little bit. I had never driven in the city before, so I was very proud of myself for that. There was some craziness I was not used to, like bike lanes being part of car lanes, and people driving on top of railroad tracks as if it’s another lane! But I made it through!

I stumbled upon the First Church of Christ Scientist, which I’ve been wanting to see for a while. It kept popping up on my Instagram feed and I couldn’t understand how I had never heard of it before. It turns out it’s right next to the Prudential Building, which is where the conference was. I met my friend Sarah after the conference and we walked around and got an early dinner at Shake Shack.

I decided to go into the Boston Public Library, too. It is such a beautiful building. I hadn’t been there since I was about ten, and it was even better than I remembered.
IMG_3087 IMG_3089

I was really charmed with all of the architecture in downtown Boston. The library was so amazing. There is so much detail everywhere you look. In my opinion, modern architecture has nothing on Gothic and and Renaissance style. I passed by so many cute brownstones on my drive in. They had fishscale style shingles, tiny dormers, copper edging, intricate ironwork, and beautiful brick steps.
Although my brother lived in the city for years, we usually didn’t go into downtown when we visited, so it was nice to see that part of the city again.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful week!


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