Living Room Tour & DIY Gallery Wall


Clockwise from the top: 1. Map print from Marshalls, 2. DIY framed wrapping paper from HomeGoods, 3. Deer print from HomeGoods, 4. Wanderlust print from Marshalls, 5. DIY framed picture from Harper’s Bazaar August 2015 issue, 7. DIY Garance Doré print 8. DIY Anna Hammer print (middle)

Hello everybody!

I am very excited to be sharing my first home decor post with you all!

One of the main things I wanted to do in my apartment was make a pretty wanderlust themed gallery wall like the ones I’ve been eyeing on Pinterest the past few years. I didn’t have the budget to buy a bunch of art prints, so I decided to make them myself. These are obviously not as good as the original artists’ work, but they’ll work until I’m able to purchase the real ones.

I traced the Garance Doré print by just putting a piece of printer paper on top of my computer screen and outlining the key elements with a Sharpie pen.
I free handed the Anna Hammer print onto a canvas I got in a pack for like $5 at Michael’s. I drew the outline in pencil, then painted it in watercolors (because I love watercolors), and then went back in with my Sharpie pen and outlined all of the details.
I absolutely love both of these artists’ work and can’t wait until I get their much better versions!

The gold frames are all from Savers and were about $3 each. When I lived in a dorm, I used to buy the September issue of Vogue each year and decorate my walls with tear outs. This time I was determined not to do that, but the picture of Natalie Portman really matched my color scheme. I decided to do it the adult way and frame the picture, rather than slapping it on the wall with Scotch tape like I did in college.

The framed wrapping paper was inspired by a DIY framed wallpaper post I had seen on Pinterest. I saw the metallic pink wrapping paper at HomeGoods and fell in love with it. It was only $3.99 and I figure I can use it if I ever have any actual presents to wrap.
The rest of the prints are canvases from HomeGoods or Marshalls. I don’t think any of them were over $10.

I am really loving my apartment. I was afraid I wouldn’t like living alone, but so far, so good! One of my goals was to have a mix of French country, shabby chic, and bohemian decor, and I think I’ve come pretty close to all of those! A lot of the pieces I have are antiques, or things my mom has collected over the years.
Above all, my decor feels very ‘me’. I think that has really helped me to adjust to this new place. It feels like it’s mine, rather than a sterile rental.

I hope you all had a wonderful week!


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