Red Lips and Rosy Cheeks


My best friend and I went to see Taylor Swift perform for the 1989 tour on Friday. We’ve made it a tradition, going every time she tours since high school. 

This was our third time going. I had high expectations and she did not disappoint. She puts on an amazing show and you can tell how truly appreciative she is of all of her success and each and every fan. 

It took us four hours to get to the stadium, and another hour to find our seats, but we enjoyed every minute of the show. We danced and sang and fan girled over our favorite songs. I was particularly excited when she did a mash up of Wildest Dreams and Enchanted. 

The first time we went to her concert, I was about to start college. Now I’m about to start my career. 

That’s pretty crazy. 

I hope you’re all living out your wildest dreams. 


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