The Past and The Pending


Dress: Free People (similar) – Jacket: Marshalls, similar at F21 – Boots: Nasty Gal

Hey everyone!

I was out of outfit pictures from this week, so I scrounged up these ones from a few months ago that I found on my computer. It’s funny that I forgot about them because it was a whole process finding this spot, circling around and trying to find somewhere that wasn’t completely barren back in early spring.
I don’t usually edit my pictures this dark, but it was the best way to make the colors pop. I like how it turned out. Lately I’ve been questioning my editing style of generally bumping up the saturation. Sometimes it’s necessary to make things true to life, or the make them translate well on screen, but sometimes it can take away from the reality of the image.
It’s a weird time we live in, having the ability to manipulate pictures so much. I am only an amateur when it comes to photo editing, and I can really change the look of a picture, so it makes you realize how much professional photos are often edited to extremes.
I like the art form of photo editing, but I think it sometimes goes too far when it is being presented as a reality that is actually false.

Well, those are all the ruminations I have for today!


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