The Enchanted Rainforest

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Dress: Free People similar at F21 and Asos

Hey guys, sorry this post is late today!
I went disc golfing yesterday and forgot to post. Who am I???

It was actually kind of fun. My dad and my brother showed me some tricks that made my game way better. It’s unusual for me to see improvement in any sort of sport, I’m generally just evenly terrible.

We took these pictures in the Hoh Rainforest on my recent Seattle Trip. I brought the dress with me specifically for the occasion and threw it on in the middle of the forest. We got a few weird looks, but most people were super nice about it. One man even commented, “That’s a nice dress. Perfect spot for a photoshoot”.
When we were done I switched back into my hiking clothes and kept trotting along.

It was a great hike, except for the creepy fly with bright red eyes that wouldn’t leave me alone. I was literally running away from it down the trail and it kept circling around me until my aunt finally killed it. So, luckily it didn’t get me and I don’t have Spiderman-like powers.

I hope you’re all having a great day!


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