Seattle Travel Vlog

Music: “Good Help (Is So Hard to Find)” by Death Cab for Cutie – “Mustang Kids” by Zella Day

Last week my dad and I flew out to Seattle to vacation with my aunts. It was such an amazing trip. We managed to visit mountains, beaches, rivers, a lake, and the only rainforest in North America, all in the span of a few days. Washington is really an awesome state. A few hours in any direction can take you from the city, to the mountains, to the beach.

The beaches there are so different from the ones on the east coast. They’re cold and windy, with black sand or pebbles and huge pieces of drift wood and sea stacks. One of my top moments of the trip was visiting Ruby Beach. Seeing the massive sea stacks and watching the sun set over the water was kind of surreal.

We stayed pretty unplugged during the trip (except a few Instagram posts), which was a breath of fresh air. We spent the nights sitting by a fire, sipping cocktails and playing board games while listening to music. During the days we took nature walks, played bocce, lounged around. I even swam in a glacial lake! It was freezing, but totally worth it.

I hope you all enjoy the video!

Have a great week!


PS: Obviously, I had to include Death Cab music in the video since they’re my favorite band and they’re from Seattle!

PPS: I got the name of the first beach wrong. It was Rialto, not La Push.

7 thoughts on “Seattle Travel Vlog

  1. Somehow a video makes the experience so much more real for the viewer. Well done Kelsey! I’ll watch this many times. Love the music too.

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