Martha’s Vineyard Travel Vlog

I went to Martha’s Vineyard for quick day trip with my brother last week. It was my first time being able to explore the island. 

I really enjoyed wandering around to the campground cottages. The area was originally a bunch of tents, so it was called the campground. During the 1800’s a church group came in and people began building houses, but the name stuck. All of the houses are fun, bright colors and they have such detailed, delicate trim work and ornaments.

 It was really nice sitting on the coast, watching the waves and the boats. The busy season hadn’t really started yet, so it wasn’t very crowded. Snapchat had this cool geo filter, which was very exciting for me. I’m not often in places that are popular enough to have their own geo filters. 

I hope you’re all having a great week! I’ll be in Seattle by the time this is posted. I’m sure there will be some cool filters there! Yay!!!


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