Getting Creative: Drawing and Painting

I’ve been taking this break from school to try my hand at painting and drawing. I never took art in high school or middle school (in middle school I played clarinet instead), so I was kind of convinced that I was horrible at it.
I remember taking my AP U.S. history exam and finishing early (not because I did well, it went pretty poorly. History is not my strong suit), and drawing a frog on a blank page of the exam. It was laughably horrible.
I hadn’t really tried drawing again until last summer. Now it’s become something I really enjoy doing. I’ve realized that if you put enough time into something it can actually come out okay.

My friend Natali went to an art high school and she always says that drawing is a skill. I didn’t really believe her until I tried it and realized that effort creates results.

Now, I’m not saying that any of these are great, but I’m happy with them and I had fun working on them. It’s nice to just zone out and focus on whatever you’re working on and forget about everything else.
I copied all of them from things I found on Pinterest. You can check out my inspiration board here. It’s fun to find something you like and then try to replicate it. I can’t draw something I’m not looking at yet, so copying others is a good way to learn (just make sure to credit them!).

I hope this post encourages you guys to give something that you’re a bit intimidated by a try.



The pin


The pin


The pin


The pin

2 thoughts on “Getting Creative: Drawing and Painting

  1. These are so good! I took a look at your pinterest board and I saw the images you copied these from. Although they are copied you have somehow added your own edge into them and they look amazing! Just remember that you don’t have you study something at school in order to take your interests further. You clearly have a talent here so keep working at it!

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