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Natali and Sarah, AKA Selena Quintanilla and Sandy from Grease

IMG_0406 IMG_0408

I had an awesome Halloween night out with my friends. We went into town and bar hopped. I was to DD, so I didn’t drink, but I had so much fun anyway! It was so fun to see everyone dressed up. Some of my favorites were a human cookie, Dick in a Box (Justin Timberlake from SNL, not as dirty as it sounds), and Elsa and Olaf couples costume (to be expected, but this girl went all out and was wearing a beaded gown). There were so many people out and all in costume. It was my first Halloween being able to go to the bars, so it was cool to see that aspect of Halloween.

When the bars closed we even got donuts from a donut bakery. They were so good! Chocolate frosted, yum.

Here are some more night-timey pictures that I’ve taken over the week. I felt like they went with the theme of the post.

Happy Halloween!



DSC_0387 DSC_0235 DSC_0237

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