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Dress: Marshalls, similar at Nordstrom and Asos
Shoes: Hannah Andersson
Necklace: American Eagle

Today my mom and I met my aunts and grandma at the soldier’s home to visit my grandpa. We had lunch out on the patio and talked for a few hours.

From there my mom and I went to Target and American Eagle. I went into AE to return a top and, as the theme of this week has been, wound up buying more things.


This jacket caught my eye on the sale rack. I tried it on and liked it, and then put it back and tried on some other things. I circled around the store, came back to the jacket, did some calculations and figured that the $30 it would be marked down to was a good price.

I took it up to the register and it rang in at $54, so I asked the cashier why it wasn’t ringing in at the 60% clearance sale price. She said that because it was an online return, the same discounts were not applied. I told her I wasn’t going to take it, that I really only wanted to pay $30. She said she could check my account and after a few clicks she said she could give it to me for$28!

I said I’d take it, and asked her if I had had rewards on my account. She said I hadn’t. That was kind of confusing. I’m not sure how I got the discount. Maybe she looked at my account and saw how often I shop there and gave me a deal. American Eagle has some of the best customer service around. A few days ago they price adjusted some shorts that had gone on sale the day after I bought them and last year I returned a Christmas present in May!

Something I’ve learned in my business classes is that great customer service may cost you money in the short run, but it creates happy customers, and happy customers spend their money at your store. So, in the end you wind up making more money. That’s the end of Marketing 101 today. Class adjourned! Lol.

Happy Monday!





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