Turtles and Dogs and Bears, Oh my!



Shirt: City and Colour
Leggings: Gap
Sneakers: Converse
Dog: Shelter

I’ve got a super stylish look for you guys today, hope you like it!
It’s a bit experimental, very new-age, with a hint of dog breath.

The last few days have been a lot of fun.
My mom and I drove up to Maine yesterday for my cousin Bridget’s bachelorette party. She’s not into drinking or partying, so we went out to dinner and saw the play Grease. It was awesome. We all stayed together in a hotel suite and spent the night singing along to Fergie songs, dancing to Beyonce, laughing at words of wisdom, and eating a lot of yummy food.

It was so nice to have a girls night and just hang out together.

After the three hour drive home I was itching to stretch my legs. I changed into so comfy clothes and my dad and I went to the disc golf course. We found a turtle that was laying eggs right in the middle of the course. I hope they don’t get stepped on!

Grease Bridget's Bachelorette






I hope you all had a great weekend!


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