Hills Like White Elephants


Not sure where my white part of my eyes went in that last photo.
Dress: Anthropologie
Shoes: American Eagle

I’m fairly obsessed with dress. Be prepared to see it just about every day this summer.

I picked it up Sunday on my way home from Boston. I couldn’t not stop at the mall, could I?
I shopped around a bit before heading into Anthro. I don’t usually love their things because their target market is a bit older than me, but I saw this dress in the front display and immediately fell in love. I’ve been pinning dresses like this for ages, but had never found one in real life. So, I spend infinitely more money than I should have (I justified it that some of it was birthday money) and got the dress.

I wore it out to breakfast Monday…and then to work Tuesday. What can I say? I couldn’t resist.

The true testament to how comfortable this dress is, is that I did not change into my pajamas when I got home yesterday. I kept it on and skipped and twirled around the house while having a movie marathon (not even kidding). I watched Stuck in Love (I loved it, can’t stop thinking about it, want to watch it again), Footloose (meh), and Say Anything (SO GOOD. Seriously. If you haven’t seen it, go watch it right now). They’re all on Netflix.

On that note, I hope you’re all having a fabulous week!


PS: If you haven’t read Hemingway’s short story Hills Like White Elephants you really should. It is only about five pages long, but it so amazing and really sticks with you. It’s simple, yet it says so much.
And now I will stop my English major spiel.

3 thoughts on “Hills Like White Elephants

    • Basically, they’re talking about whether or not the woman is going to get an abortion. The “hills”, from my interpretation (which could be wrong), represent a pregnant belly. I’m sure there’s a lot more that I’m not picking up on. We covered it in one of my seminars and I remember loving digging into it and discovering what was really going on.

  1. Wow, that’s very deep, and apparently I’m very shallow…didn’t have a clue…still don’t. From this point on I will not be taking any of your reading recommendations! XO

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