The Grass is Always Greener

IMG_8054 IMG_8055

Jacket: American Eagle (old), this season’s
Top: American Eagle (old), similar at Asos
Pants: American Eagle
Necklace: American Eagle (old), similar at  J Crew (are we seeing a pattern here?)
Shoes: Zulily, similar by Toms

Yesterday was a test day, which meant I only slept four hours (excuse the puffy eyes and excessive paleness, haha). The test on marketing and I think it actually went well, so the cramming was worth it!

Side note: these pictures were taken right after I got home and right before a four hour nap ; )

It’s been so nice out this week and I have been LOVING it! Spring really is a great metaphor for rebirth because it feels like a fresh start. As unpleasant as the winter may be, it makes you appreciate the warm weather that much more.




Green grass! Bare ankles!

I wore those shoes for the first time after buying them last summer. I knew they were uncomfortable because they’re literally made of plastic, but oh man, did they rip up my feet. I had to resorted to stuffing toilet paper in the top so that they would stop scratching me. If you look close you can see it peeking out. Some people stuff their bras, I stuff my shoes. But really, I feel like that was karma getting me for buying fake Toms. I might have to suck it up and buy the real ones this summer because I do really like the look of them.


I hope you’re all having a great week!



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