That Ice is Slowly Melting

IMG_8010IMG_8011 IMG_8013 IMG_8009


Top: Marshalls, similar at Forever 21
Jeans: Express
Shoes: Toms
Hat: American Eagle (old), similar at Ebay


It is finally warm out!!!! I’ve been enjoying the wonderful weather by doing homework on my back deck in the sun and exploring campus. I had three hours to kill after class on Friday before I was meeting my friends for lunch, so I decided to walk around. I forgot how many pretty areas there are on campus. My parking lot is in the opposite direction of the area I went to Friday, but it’s where I lived freshmen year. It brought back a lot of great memories of lounging around reading when the weather was warm.

Probably my favorite reading spot ever was on the back deck of my freshmen year dorm. No one ever went back there, so I always had it to myself. It was covered in tiny rocks, like I don’t know if I was supposed to sit on it, but I did, and it was always so warm and lovely. One time I fell asleep while I was reading and my friend looked out her window and saw me sleeping and thought there was something wrong with me, haha. Nope, just mild narcolepsy maybe?

I spent a few hours on Friday reading in a greenhouse/conservatory. It was so nice. They had benches set up, and it was warm and bright and smelled like sweet flowers. There was even a koi pond and a little babbling brook. It was so nice!



IMG_7967 IMG_7969 IMG_7970 IMG_7972

It’s like a jungle!


The view from the outside. It looks so unimpressive that most people never go inside! My friend showed it me last year and this was the first time I’ve been back.


I wonder if they’re still together


This is actually a restaurant! I need to try it!




I hope you all had a great week!


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