Birds of A Feather

IMG_7266 IMG_7264 IMG_7269 IMG_7271

Sweater: Monsoon, similar at Daily Look and ModCloth.
Skirt: Monsoon, similar at Piperlime and Macy’s.
Boots: Nordstrom Rack, similar from Lucky Brand.

Fake Polaroid of my shoes. Gotta love weird frame apps.

I wore this today to go visit my grandpa. It doesn’t have anything offensive like rips or tightness, so I figured I would be safe from his fashion wrath. I picked this outfit up a few weeks ago on sale from Monsoon. It’s a store based mainly in the UK. They just opened a few stores in the US and one of them happens to be near me. Who would have thought I would be so lucky!?

I normally wouldn’t have thought to put the skirt and sweater together, but they both caught my eye and I tried them on together and liked how they looked. I’m a sucker for anything feather-related, so I love the sweater. It even has gold accents on the feathers (which don’t really show up in the pictures).This skirt has a nice weight and drape to it, so it doesn’t get sucked between my thighs as I walk. Does anyone else have this problem? It’s so annoying, like a reverse wedgie.

Anyway…I’ve had a nice, low-key night of painting, eating, and watching the Olympics. I get so stressed watching the snowboarders go off of those jumps! I don’t know how their families take it.

I hope you’re all enjoying the Olympics and your weekend!


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