Life’s A Circus





Jacket: Marshalls- Circus by Sam Edelman
Dress: H&M
Belt: H&M
Leggings: Gap
Boots: H&M

I got this dress at H&M on Friday for only $12! I was pretty excited. I’ve been wanting a 70’s style lace dress for over a year, but had never found one that I really liked.
I picked up the jacket this weekend too (I went on a bit of a shopping spree). I wasn’t in the market for a jacket, but I’m a sucker for distressed looking leather and embroidery. Plus, I feel like a bad ass in it.

This week and last week were both lull weeks, as I call them, which has been very appreciated. I’ve been slammed with work since the beginning of October, so having a week or two with less work- both school and job- has been really nice.

Before work yesterday I stopped by Barnes and Nobel to pick up It by  Alexa Chung. It’s not very substantial text-wise, but it has some cool pictures. It’s kind of like an Alexa Chung tumblr threw up on a book and it got published- lots of pictures and very short stories. I’m only half way through (which took about fifteen minutes) so I can’t comment on the whole thing, but I don’t think I’ll regret buying it. I do wish it was cheaper, but I was feeling impatient and impulsive, so I got it. I’m not even a huge Alexa Chung fan, I just saw an interview with her about the book and then felt the need to buy it- ahh the power of marketing. Maybe once I get into my major I’ll understand exactly why I was compelled to buy it.
It is a pretty book- it has a pink linen cover with thick pages and big pictures.

I just picked my classes for next semester, which always makes me nervous. For the first time ever I have days off! I’m not sure if I’m going to regret it or not, but my friend Meg said she loved having days off when she was in college. I’m going to have to get up twenty minutes earlier than I do now, which pushes me into the 6 a.m. territory- eek!

I normally finish class early because of work, but the marketing class that I have to take goes until almost 5 (which means I can’t work on Wednesdays anymore), so I just decided to go for it and load up on classes those days- and now I have Tuesday and Thursday off! Crazy!

Maybe this will mean more blog posts next semester- I hope so!

I hope you’re all having a good week!

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