Get The Look: Avicii “Wake Me Up”

I saw the video for “Wake Me Up” a few weeks ago, and I’ve wanted to do a Get The Look post ever since. The wardrobe was mostly provided by Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply Co. so I included links to the products that are available as well as more budget friendly options. Side note: the singer of the song is a guy named Aloe Blacc. I don’t understand why all of the sudden DJ’s are being listed as the artists instead of the singers. I feel like these are just music producers, but maybe I’m wrong. Does anyone know if what Avicii and David Guetta do is any different from the people who produce say, Rihanna’s songs? But anyway, onto the looks!

Nightgown Image
I couldn’t find a perfect match, but I found a similar cut with the Free People Squared Away Slip. It doesn’t come in white, which is a bummer. I’m sure this would have been easier to find over the summer. Now all of these kind of dresses are sold out.

Military Jacket Image
You can get this season’s version of the Denim & Supply jacket at Macy’s, and I found a similar one, better suited for winter, at Forever 21.

Plaid Shirt
You can get this season’s version of the Denim & Supply shirt at Macy’s.

 Aztec Print Top Image
They only showed a tiny snippet of this top in the video, but it’s one of my favorites. You can get this season’s at Macy’s.

Slouchy Beanie
I found a very similar wallet-friendly option at Forever 21 for only $3.90.

Turquoise Ring Image
The most similar one I could find is an American Eagle ring that isn’t exactly the same shape, but has the same colors and feel.

The Creepy Girl’s Dress! Image
This girl looks like she might eat your brains for dinner with her brother who is also her father, but if you can get past the horrible braids, I think her dress is actually kind of cute. I found a slightly more fashionable one at ModCloth, the place of all things peter pan collar. I hope you enjoyed the post, and eh, don’t sleep through your life!


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