Free People Haul

Today’s shopping outfit:



Top: Old Navy (old), similar from this season.

Pants: American Eagle

Sneakers: Converse

Today was a shopping day. I bought the Golden Quills Military Parka from Free People online last week and on top of being horribly expensive (I had a gift card, so I justified the price tag to myself), it was just way too big for me. I looked like I was being eaten by the jacket, shark-style.

It had to go back, which meant a trip to the Natick Mall *cue the choir of angles*.

When I retuned the jacket all the girls working there got so excited. They were all talking about how much they loved it, and how they all wanted it. One of the girls actually tried it on in front of me, and by the time I left the store it was in the front display. It was really funny, I was glad they shared my love for it.

I did pick up a couple things with my store credit:


This is the Circle In The Sand Tee. It’s obviously very oversized and super comfortable. I’ve been wanting something to wear with leggings, and this fit the bill. It almost looks like a cape in the back. What I love most about it is the material. I think that’s what really sets FP apart; they generally have high quality, weighty fabrics that drape beautifully and there is always an extra detail of embellishment, like the slight acid-wash of this tee. I’m not saying all of their products are amazing and worth the price, but there are some that are at least justifiable.


This is the Follow To A V Pullover. It caught my eye when I walked in the store, but I wasn’t even planning on trying it on. However, in the fitting rooms there are “inspiration outfits” hung up on the mirrors and this pullover was in mine. It is really a great marketing technique. Being that it was in there I had to try it on… and then it came home with me.

I was happy with FP today. It’s been disappointing the past few times I’ve gone, so it was nice to find things I really liked today.

On a side note, I went in Anthropologie, just to browse around, and the entire store smelled amazing. I started walking around sniffing, trying to find a candle or an air freshener, but I found nothing. I feel like they must be pumping it in the get people to buy more. I don’t know. It smelled like pine and vanilla and Christmas and happiness.

I hope you all had a lovely Saturday!


2 thoughts on “Free People Haul

  1. Just getting the first chance in a while to visit your blog Kelsey. “Cue choir of angels” cracked me up! Great looks from FP. I admire your adventurous spirit in thought, and in fashion as art.

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