Photos from the first week of October




This has been my first busy week of the semester.

I started a new job Tuesday (so now I have two jobs), I had a test the same day, a presentation today (which I worked on all day yesterday), and work, and school events to go to boot.

I am very tired at the moment.

BUT, I have missed blogging so much! I’ve hated that being away, so I wanted to get something up before the week was over.

And a quick outfit:


Top: Urban Outfitter (old)

Jeans: Gap

Shoes: FOMS

Sunglasses: American Eagle

I wore this last weekend when I visited my grandpa at his the soldier’s nursing home where he stays.

It was a really nice out so we were able to sit outside!

Hopefully I will have some posts up this weekend. My work load is done for this week, but I have a few papers coming up. so I will definitely be busy.

I hope you’ve all had a lovely week!


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