The Girl





Tee: City and Colour (this is only showing online in children’s sizes, not sure why).

Skirt: Marshalls, similar at Bloomingdale’s

Boots: American Eagle, this season’s here.

My brother picked me up this shirt last Friday when he went to the City and Colour concert (thanks, Seth!).


This has got the be the best band tee I own.

I love calligraphy and I love sketches, and the bear reminds me of Little Bear, which was my favorite show when I was little.

City and Colour is really Canadian singer songwriter Dallas Green. His first name is a city and his second name is a color, hence the name. If you haven’t heard any of his music, I would recommend The Girl, which I’ve been listening to all summer. It starts out slowly on what I think is a banjo, and then gets upbeat halfway through on a twelve string guitar (I’m guessing at the instruments).




I went to my local reservoir after school yesterday to snap some pictures of my outfit. I love the stone tower, it’s so pretty! The views at the top are beautiful!



I hope you all had a lovely Monday!


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