Chasing The Sun

August 21st, 2013

I had work in the office today and then I went out to dinner with my parents.

The sunset on the ride there was beautiful. I tried to capture it, but my phone didn’t do it much justice. It was one of those orange suns that looks like the ball of fire it really is. With the blue moon last night and the sunset today we have certainly been getting some treats from the sky.


Also, here’s a picture of my cat Charlie, being a cute little fur ball all curled up on my bed.


American Eagle is having one of their 40% off sales, so I just placed an order for a pair of boots I’ve been eyeing for a while and some pants that I already have in another color.


Here are the links if you’re interested in picking them up too: boots, pants.

The pants are cropped, which makes them actually the perfect length on me. I’m too short for short pants, but the cropped trend has been treating me well!

What I wore today:


Dress: H&M (old), similar at Asos.

Sweater: Marshalls (old), similar at Urban Outfitters.

Sandals: Marshalls (old), similar at Asos.


I hope you all had a lovely day!


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