Surprising Finds

August 14th, 2013

Today I went out to breakfast with my parents, went to work, bought my parking pass, did some shopping and returned some stuff, then came home and had Chinese food for dinner.

I got some pretty pictures on my drive home from campus. I like to collect landscape pictures. It started back when I had my enV phone (the original- I loved that phone) and I would set them as the inside background.


When I was shopping I bought this beautiful cardigan at Aeropostale:


It reminds me so much of this Free People cardigan. Even the inside is similar with the double knit. I actually bought that cardigan last year and then returned because it was nearly down to my ankles. And it was over a hundred dollars, on sale!

You can get the Aeropostale one here. It runs big, so I would size down. I got a small which surprised me because I feel like I usually need to size up at Aero. 

They’ve been surprising me the past few years. I go in there thinking I’m not going to find anything and then I come out with really great pieces that I wear to death (aka, until my mom forces me to stop wearing them). I think they may have rebranded themselves a bit when they started their p.s. Kids line. It seems like it allowed them to move their target demographic up a few years in the main store. Now that I think about it, I don’t think I’ve seen anything like the monkey sweatshirt I used to rock in sixth grade in a while: 



I think they have some designer who is keeping an eye out on Free People because I saw at least three things that were very similar to items I was lusting after at FP last season. For example:


The first picture is a sweater I tried on at Free People last September (it’s still available if you click on the link), and the second picture is what I tried on in Aeropostale today.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, Free People is my all-time favorite brand. Unfortunately, I can really only afford to splurge on one or two things a year from them, so I am all for Aero using their “creative license” and making pieces inspired by them!

Here is what I wore today:


Jacket: American Eagle, similar at Forever21.

Dress: Marshalls similar at Asos, and also available in petite. I really love the key hole in the back of the dress, but I couldn’t find anything similar.

Scarf: Target (?) similar on Ebay.

Sandals: Lands End (children’s) similar at Target.

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