August 13th, 2013

Yesterday I had work and then I went to the mall with Meg. We had both gotten sucked into buying bras at VS that we wouldn’t really wear. 

I tried on these boots at H&M that seemed really cool at first, but as I walked aroung the store in them I decided they were a little too masculine; and I really don’t like square toes. 


So, although I’ve been looking for Western boots, I decided not to get these. Hopefully a pair that are a little more me will come along. 

We went to trivia from the mall. We were doing well for a while, but some other teams took the lead in the last two rounds. 

I wore this:

ImageI bought the cardigan at American Eagle while we were shopping and threw it on right away. It’s soft and cozy while still being cute. I got it in an XL because that’s all they had left. Normally I would not do that, but I have been wanting it for a few weeks and that color is sold out completely online, so I figured I would snatch it up before it’s gone. As Seth described it, I could jump off the top of a building and land safely on the ground.

My leggings are the same ones from Gap that I wore yesterday. I wish I could say they are a different pair of the same style, but I literally dug them out of the laundry hamper when I was getting ready. I feel like as long as you don’t get any stains on bottoms and you didn’t sweat excessively or something, it’s fine to wear them a few times before washing. Plus our dryer is broken right now, so laundry has come to a halt.

The tank I got from Target last year, similar at Kohls and on sale for $7. I actually bought it in an extra extra large so that I could wear it with leggings. 

My sandals are going on four years old from Marshalls, similar at Asos

I hope you all had a lovely day!


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