Beauty Queen of Only Eighteen

August 11th, 2013

I’ve had an eventful past few days. Well, really only one of the days was eventful and that was Friday.

My cousin Bridget texted me and asked if I wanted two tickets to a Maroon 5 and Kelly Clarkson concert that night. I was like… uhh, yeah!

I wound up going with my cousin Maggie. First I drove to Westminster to meet up with her and get the tickets, then we left for the Comcast Center from there. It was supposed to take an hour to get there, it took three. We were stuck in such bad traffic. It took over an hour to move five miles. It was crazy.

But I enjoyed the ride regardless. It was nice to hang out with Maggie and talk and sing in the car. Because of the traffic though, we missed Kelly Clarkson. We had to park in the way way back of all the lots in the woods next to a dumpster.

Me and Maggie
The best shot I got of Adam, thanks to my dad’s camera with 10x zoom.


Anyway, they played an acoustic version of “She Will Be Loved” during the encore that I absolutely loved. Here is a video of the song and Adam talking about the bra someone threw at him. I don’t understand why people do that. He’s obviously going to throw it out as soon as he gets off the stage, and now you’re just hanging loose.

When we got out of the concert we had to wait over an hour to get out of the parking lot because we were so far in the back. We went to McDonald’s after and ate in the car. Then I drove back to Maggie’s house, which took soo long because I got lost. We had the directions on her phone and she was telling me them, but then she fell asleep, and her phone died, and mine was in the glove compartment where I couldn’t reach it. So, we didn’t get back until 3am. I was planning on driving home that night, but it was so late that I just stayed over and went back in the morning.

Now, I have two outfits, the one I wore during the day on Friday and then the one I wore during the concert.

The day:



Top from American Eagle (I wear this every day), skirt from Nordstrom Rack similar on Etsy, Boots from Marshalls the Frye versions (which I think mine are a copy of by Zodiac) are here, and similar at DSW.

Concert Outfit:


Top from Marshalls, similar here.

Leggings from Gap. These are my absolute favorite leggings. I have three pairs. They are made of nylon so they’re completely opaque and so much more comfortable than any cotton leggings I’ve ever worn. I always get them at the Gap outlet for like twenty dollars, but they’re having a 35% off sale right now.

Rain Boots from Marshalls, similar here.

I had a very fun day off, and next weekend me and Maggie and some of our other cousins are going back to the Comcast Center to see John Mayer and Phillip Phillips. I can’t wait!

I hope you all had a great day!


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