Dizzy Up The Girl

August 7th, 2013

First of all, how is it already August seventh?!?

It’s kind of just hit me as I’m typing this how soon school starts. It’s both a rush of dread, excitement, and hope.

As Taylor Swift would say “happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time”

Just throwing it out there that while I love Taylor Swift, in general I do not find her that much of a lyrical genius, but that is a great line.

I’m looking forward to my English classes and seeing my friends again, and hopefully a new job (although I’m getting nervous about that one, I’m afraid I might not have gotten it!). I’m really not looking forward to my business classes though. I never thought I would seriously have to worry about failing a class, but after barely scraping by in accounting last semester I’m a little nervous about the accounting II class I’ll be taking this semester, along with marketing and management 300. Fingers crossed that I like marketing, since it’s now my primary major.

Anyway, I had work in the office this morning. It was a very slow day which meant I got through about a hundred pages of Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets. I felt like an easy, fun read, so I went with the old, but always good HP. The hardest part was trying to decide which one to pick. I love them all, but I think I’ve only read this one twice (unlike my favorite, The Half Blood Prince, which I’ve read about four or five times- really not that much in the world of potterheads).

After work got dinner with my mom at the new-ish country club in town. The food was just okay, but the views were great.


When we got home I painted a third and final on my desk; final if only because I can’t handle another. I had hopes of starting the gold piping tonight, but then I wound up watching Morning Glory instead. It was a pretty good movie; I appreciated the strong, independent female protagonist. I could not, however, take the name of the station seriously. IBS just makes me think of irritable bowel syndrome.

My outfit today was not my favorite. I’ve had this dress for four years now, and I was obsessed with it when I bought it, as in this is the best dress I have ever owned in my entire life. It feels tighter and shorter than it used to, which is weird because I stopped growing in seventh grade.

But enough about that. I did actually get some cute pictures of the outfit. I get my pictures by filming a video and then taking stills from it. Today I tried just posing like normal, but I had my iPod on and I wound up dancing, which actually produced the best shots. So here’s my outfit along with some sweet moves:


Dress (worn as a skirt): Urban Outfitters, similar here and here.

Crop Top: Forever 21, similar here.

Shoes: Hannah Andersson, similar here.

I hope you all had a lovely day!


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