Every Day That You Want To Waste You Can

August 4th, 2013

I had the day off today, and boy was it a great day!

I slept in, then had breakfast with my parents. Then I got to work on refinishing the antique French desk I got yesterday.

My mom and I used a power sander on the larger areas, which was a wee bit scary. In actuality it was easy, but I always feel like I’m not old enough to be using power tools…even though I’m twenty. I spent a solid hour chipping off the polyurethane top coat, which I have to say I really enjoyed. It was so satisfying to watch it all fall off as I scraped away with my screw driver (flat head). I’ve always liked tedious activities; knitting, beading, embroidery, and now scraping paint.

Around four o’clock mom and I went to Chipotle’s for lunch before we ran some errands. My burrito bowl was cold, which I was very disgruntled about. I asked the people if they could heat it up, but apparently they don’t have a microwave. So I just ate it cold.

We stopped in to Home Depot to get paint for my desk and some peel and stick tiles to redo my bathroom floor. I’m very excited about that. Ever since I redid my room I’ve been itching to start on the bathroom. All the things about it that I used to just ignore or not care about are now driving me crazy. The flooring is white ceramic tiles and they never look clean, and they show every hair and speck of dust or dirt there is. I can’t wait until I have time to redo it! Especially since Meg moved in today, now it’s not just me using the bathroom. Looking at it from an outsider’s perspective it’s just gross and embarrassing. If I were her I would not want to it.

Anyway, we went to Marshall’s after Home Depot. I tried on some really cute Madden Girl boots, but they were two sizes too big so they were not even close to fitting. Damn my small feet! I did get a really cute black velvet body con skirt. I’ve wanted a black skirt in that style for a while, but it’s hard to find one that A) fits me right, and B) doesn’t look too… let’s say revealing. I have slightly larger hips with really skinny legs, so often body con skirts are tight on my hips and then awkwardly loose on my legs, but this one fits just right. And the velvet makes it a little more forgiving.

When we got home I got right to work painting my desk. I went with a creamy white and I picked up some Martha Stewart gold paint so that I can redo the piping. I spend about two hours painting and got two coats on tonight. It’s definitely going to need a third. When I’m done I’ll do a whole post about the process and what I used. Hopefully that will be tomorrow, but we’ll see.

Finally, for my outfit. My mom was picking on me for dressing up just to go to Home Depot, but I told her I need to maintain my sanity. Wearing my staff t-shirt day after day is seriously depressing. I get a lot of joy out of putting outfits together every day. Plus I have so many articles of clothing that I want to wear before it gets cold!

So, I wore the kimono I talked about in my post Floral Velvet Burnout Kimono. I decided to splurge on it, and I am so happy I did. In another note, I also splurged on the Liebeskind bag that I talked about in the same post. You can see it hanging in the background of the pictures. The leather is beautiful, but I think I’m going to send it back. The straps just aren’t long enough and it doesn’t hold it’s shape like I thought it would.





Dress: H&M similar here

Kimono: this Etsy shop

Hat: American Eagle similar here

Boots: American Rag at Macy’s similar herehere, and here.

I hope you all had a lovely day!


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