Nothing Safe Is Worth The Drive

July 28th, 2013

Yesterday was SO MUCH FUN!!!

My best friend Rachel stayed over at the beach, so we started the morning by going on the beach and soaking in the rays (aka Rachel tanning while I lather on large amounts of sunscreen to no avail and wind up burning anyway).

The water was really nice; warm and big waves again! My beach week didn’t have the best weather, but I really appreciate that when I did go swimming I was able to stay in the water. I hate just jumping in and out, there’s no fun in it to me, so I was more than happy to play around in the water and pretend to be a mermaid.

We left the beach around 3 to go to the Taylor Swift Red tour concert at Gillette Stadium. We drove around forever trying to find gas and food. We wound up at a Burger King where we ordered a pretty good number of mozzarella sticks (we even got some to go).

We arrived at the concert at 7 and were able to see some of Austin Mahone and all of Ed Sheeran’s opening acts. I was very impressed with Ed; he can sing, rap, and play the guitar in really cool ways. He had a looper with a foot pedal that he used during some of his songs. It was just him on stage, but he had a very full sound because of that. I’m a big fan of musicians who can play multiple instruments or are one man bands like Coconut Records (Jason Schwartzman’s one man band).

Taylor came on around nine o’clock. She is such an amazing performer, she really puts on a show. She started off the concert singing State of Grace on top of a staircase with a red curtain in front of her, so you could just see her silhouette.


For The Lucky One she had a short black and white old Hollywood film, for 22 she had a montage of home video clips from all the years of her life, for You Belong With Me she did a 50’s swing version, and for Love Story all of her dancers were dressed as wind-up toys.

But the kicker:

CARLY FRICKIN’ SIMON was the guest artist!

They sang You’re So Vain together and it was amazing. I tried to take a video of it, but it didn’t come out very nice. Actually, none of my videos came out well because all you can hear is me and Rachel’s singing horribly off-key and hoarsely whooping.

But I found this video online if you want to get a bit better version of it.

The concert was amazing. I will say I liked her last concert better, simply because I likes that album better as a whole, and I like the theatrics of the last tour. I was also disappointed that she didn’t play Starlight. I was expecting some kind of cool 1940’s wardrobe and acting. Although I guess she kind of did that with The Lucky One. We also thought there was going to be an encore since she did one last time (and every concert I’ve ever been to has had one), but as soon as the music stopped everyone just got up and left. Me and Rachel were like “Stop! If we cheer maybe she’ll come back out! What are you doing?!?!?”

But they did light off a bunch of fireworks and you couldn’t see the stage for a solid fifteen minutes, so I guess it wouldn’t have really been possible.

Bottom line: Taylor is great and I will always go back to her concerts.

Oh, and about those mozzarella sticks I mentioned earlier: we ate them in the car when the concert got out, and they were still great. Or maybe I just have a very large love of fried cheese.


Me and Rach in our matching RED shirts!


The actual outfit I wore. Skirt from Marshalls, and the same AE tank I’ve been wearing all week, as in literally wore it two days in a row…don’t judge.


This is the best picture I got of her on the raised platform in the audience. Being on that is literally my nightmare.


I hope you all had an enchanting day!


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