Rainy Day Women

July 25th, 2013

Today was rainy and kind of dreary, the Tuckers went home and so did Pat. I went to the Kittery outlets with mom and got a pair of high waisted bell bottoms and aviator sunglasses from American Eagle. They are really hitting the mark this year; I find something I love every time I go in there.

I also went to Starbucks again. I wanted another very berry refresher and while I was in there I spotted the Charlotte Ronson travel mug I’ve been eyeing for a while now. It was the last one, so I was very excited to snatch it up. I brought it up to the register, but there was no price sticker on it, so the employees tried to look up the SKU number, but couldn’t find one, so they gave it to me for free! I was very excited.


We went out to dinner at Flatbread, a pizza place in Amesbury. The food was good and I loved all the decorations. Also, they had a big fire oven for the pizzas that threw off a lot of heat, which was perfect because I was freezing all day! I loved sitting close to it.




Me and my dad


The restaurant was next to a river which was probably used for factories back in the day, but now it’s just a pretty walkway.



My outfit for the day was a lace top from Marshalls, my new jeans from Express (which I wrote about in this post) and my go-to white Converse high tops (mine are actually children’s but the link goes to women’s because, unlike me, most people don’t have feet the size of an eight year old’s). I changed into a sweater for the night that I knit six years ago now. It’s crazy how time flies!


And here is a cute picture of my sleepy dog, Max.

I hope you all had a lovely day!


One thought on “Rainy Day Women

  1. Love the outfit, gorgeous lace top and I think those are my favorite jeans ever on you! You are so gorgeous! Great blog, I’ll be back!

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