Friends, Food, and Feathers

July 24th, 2013


Photo credit for this one goes to Marlena. We were actually kind of annoyed with these people for taking up so much of the beach and not even being there, but it did make for a great photo op!

I have had a lot of fun the past two days!

My friends Sarah and Marlena came up to the beach yesterday. It was rainy, so we went shopping in Portsmouth. I bought a dress (which I returned today, it just wasn’t my style) and we just walked around, enjoying the town. The streets have brick sidewalks, and the shops all have cute storefronts and old English brick and wood siding.


We actually went back there tonight for dinner. The girls had to leave this morning, so they didn’t come, but my family, Maggie, Rachael, Alex, Pat, and Neil came. Neil paid for us, which was very generous. We ate at the Portsmouth Brewery and everything was delicious. We were seated outside, but it was an enclosed patio so it still felt private.

This morning was a great beach day, the water was warm and the waves were huge. It was so nice! The water is almost always painfully cold, but it was warm enough to walk right in, which you had to or else you would have gotten pummeled by a wave. We saw more than a few people get knocked over if they weren’t far enough out past where the waves were breaking.

After the girls left I went to Newburyport with Maggie. I’ve been wanting to go back to Modern Millie, a vintage/consignment shop ever since I discovered it last year. They had some beautiful 1950’s party dresses, but unfortunately I don’t have any parties to go to. I tried on a green lace dress that seemed to be from the 80’s, but it was too small and too fancy to wear on a normal day.


It was nearly identical to this Free People slip.


I also discovered that the cake pops from Starbucks, while being horribly overpriced, are amazing. I got chocolate and Maggie got salted caramel. The texture really makes it- it’s like a cross between cake and a fudgey brownie.

When we got back I took a nap because I was pooped; The girls are early risers, so I forced myself to stumble out of bed this morning much earlier than I am accustomed to. I am definitely a night owl (as is evident by how many of these posts go up around two in the morning). I swear my natural sleep cycle would be four in the morning to two in the afternoon if I was left to my own devices.

We headed to Portsmouth around seven for dinner.


Me and Maggie

ImageThe feather barrette I bought at Ganesh Imports. Same one here. In blue patina here. I might have to pick that one up- it’s so cute!

The patio in the restaurant:ImageImageImage

Their menus, coaster, and storefront all have vintage pictures on them, which I absolutely love. I’ve been obsessed with the 1920’s for years, so I snapped a picture of these flappers “wearing” brewery t-shirts. Love it!


The clock tower was striking eleven as we were leaving. I felt like I was in Peter Pan and started singing “take the second star to the right…”


A VW van, one of my favorite vehicles ever. There was one for sale near me a few months ago and I would drive by it and every day and slow down, longingly staring out the window wishing it could be mine. It had a flower tire cover and everything…

Anyway, I hope you all had a wonderful past few days!


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