Chipping Away

July 22nd, 2013

Today was mostly a lazy day. Mom and I planned on doing some returns, but when we were finally ready to go we just weren’t feeling it anymore. Returns are something you do when you’re home, not on vacation.

So, I went on the beach instead. I didn’t swim because it was breezy and a little cool. I talked to that guy that’s always down here when we are, I can’t remember his name. But I was telling him about how I might be going to Italy in January and he had gone a few years ago. He told me about this tapestry of a table and people that he saw in the Vatican that depending on the angle you looked at it, the angle of the table moved with you. So, if you looked at it from the left it looked like it was angle to the left, in front it looked straight on, and so forth. He said that to this day no one knows how it was done.

I really hope that I’m able to go. It would be such an amazing opportunity. I don’t know if I would be courageous enough to go with just friends, it makes me feel good that we would have adults there to guide us around.

Anyway, we finally decided around 9 o’clock to go mini golfing. We went to our usual place, I don’t think I have been there in maybe ten years. Crazy!

I did horribly, of course. But it was fun.

ImageMy first shot, not even on the green. I did my fair bit of chipping. There was one hole, the windmill one, where I think I had about thirty strokes trying to chip my ball out of the rocks. But the highest you can get on any hole is six, so we just left it at that.

I didn’t get an outfit picture today. I changed so many times I don’t even know what I would post.

Sarah and Marlena are coming tomorrow, which will be fun. I love those girls!

Also, it looks like Meg is going to move in with us until she can find her own place. I feel bad that she has to leave her house that she loves so much and has put so much work into, but it will be nice having her around.

I hope you all had a relaxing day!


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